Relationship Mapping & Monitoring Solution

Social Networking meets eDiscovery

Every day, thousands of internal and external communications are sent within corporations. Within each of these communications there exists a relationship which is only known to the sender and receiver.

What if?  There was a solution that monitored these communications and relationships in a manner that helps the organization grow? What would your business look like if you could merge Social Networking with eDiscovery?


Because there is incredible value in understanding internal and external relationships within your organization, which exist in everyday communications.

Our capabilities include: Relationship Extraction, Bully Analysis, Cohesion Analysis, Disparaging Analysis, Employee Engagement, Peer Analysis, Truthfulness Analysis, Passive Aggressive Analysis, Emotional Heat Maps, Impact Analysis of News Events and Threat Assessments.

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Sales Enablement and Analytics

Discover hidden relationships that you didn't know existed at one of your prospects.

Stop relying on the sales person's perspective on the health of a customer, let RelMap's visual analytics show you what's really going on...

It's time to stop asking the sales person to update the CRM, let RelMap's Append application do it for you. We now integrate with

eDiscovery Analytics

See how behavior patterns hidden in email can become predictive indicators of white collar criminals.

RelMap's Ascertain application helps identify persons of interest based on data models of known criminals

Human Resource Analytics

Identify which employees are building adversarial relationships across the organization or perform an impact analysis before removing an individual from the organization.

See how the employees are treating the customers and how the customers are treating the employees via our Employee Engagement analysis.

Team Dynamics

Why are some project teams successful while others fail?

RelMap's Cohesion application monitors project team dynamics and one-on-one engagement which can identify the point at which someone needs to step in and address concerns before it’s too late.